Saturday, April 18, 2009

The DLF IPL Season 2 has begun!

Cricket is another one of my favourite sports. This is not very surprising as most Indians do like cricket. The IPL is a great idea developed by Lalit Modi (same first name as me by the way) and it is a great tournament. The first season was a great success. But the second season was threatened by security concerns as it clashed with the elections. But by moving the tournament to South Africa all these concerns have gone and the IPL has started with the same energy as last year.

SpaceTech Info will keep everyone posted on all the teams that I am following in the IPL that play on weekends!

These teams are:
  1. Deccan Chargers - Home Team
  2. Bangalore Royal Challengers - Lived in Bangalore for a long time and DRavid is my favourite player
  3. Mumbai Indians- Tendulkar is in it.

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